Suriname and Guyana 452Jeremy Hance has been working as a journalist since 2007. For six years he served as a lead writer and editor at Mongabay, one of the world’s most popular (and well-respected) environmental websites. Currently, he remains a correspondent with Monagabay while also keeping up a blog at The Guardian that covers stories from the front-lines of conservation. As a freelance journalist, Jeremy has experience writing about wildlife, climate change, energy politics, animal behavior, indigenous people and many other topics.

In 2010, Mongabay published a collection of Jeremy’s essays entitled, Life is Good: Conservation in an Age of Mass Extinction. The book received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.

Jeremy has traveled to nearly thirty countries and four continents. He has had the good fortune to watch a cheetah kill from beginning-to-end in Kenya, hang out with the world’s most imperiled rhino in Malaysia, catch dinosaur-aged mammals in the undergrowth of Dominican Republic, and walk beneath the towering canopy of the Amazon.

When not traveling, Jeremy hangs his hat in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, daughter, and miniature schnauzer. He enjoys time with friends, cups of tea, long hikes, even longer novels and the occasional TV binge-watching.